Spo|li|A |SPOLIA|

THE (Pl.) …1. lat.:  inter alia pieces of booty,  looted weapons.

2. (transferred from) 1. art: building material of bygone epochs

– newly interpreted.

Spolia.’s philosophy is based on the understanding that time and life enrich the quality of a given material.


We produce limited edition furniture pieces and interior objects in which the history of the material takes center stage: we treasure fine craftsmanship and we value the patina and the stories they carry. spolia. re-appropriates valuable goods and re-imagines them in a contemporary settings.


In this way spolia. revives the ageless creative method of salvaging, often literally, buried architectural traditions. The re-purposed material is then entrusted to a careful selection of today’s emerging and established designers, who endorse it with new purpose and value. By matching a contemporary designer with a pre-existing material, each collection embodies a unique creative spirit and material quality.

The underlying criteria in matching a given material with a designer, is to embrace the contextual and technical challenges that arise in creating something completely new.